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Are You Gifted?

If you're here and asking the question, there's a good chance you're gifted. Giftedness is such a misunderstood concept, it's much more common not to realise you're gifted when you are than the other way around.


You'll find some basic facts about giftedness on this page. Find out more at InterGifted, the  international organisation that supports gifted people and whose model I use in my work.

Giftedness - Facts and Myths

Gifted-Specific Challenges

Contrary to popular belief, gifted people can't always solve all our own problems. Gifted individuals are a minority population who often struggle in a world that wasn't designed with our needs in mind.

Gifted traits are frequently misdiagnosed as mental health issues. On the other hand special needs (known as twice-exceptionalities) that require support can be missed because the gifted individual has become so good at compensating for them.

Most gifted people can benefit from understanding more about how our unique minds work and what special challenges we face.

I use cognitive hypnotherapy and coaching to help other gifted people better understand themselves and live their most authentic lives.

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